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Welcome to visit the website of Accela ChemBio Co., Ltd ("this website"). Before using this website, please make sure to read this legal statement ("this statement") first. Accessing, browsing, and using this website after reading this statement, indicates that you understand and agree to be bound by this statement. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, please stop using this website.

Accela reserves the right to correct, modify, and update this statement at any time without prior notice.

1. Statement of Use

You are requested to abide by national laws, regulations, and social public ethics when using this website and its content. It is not allowed to use this website and its content to engage in the production, reproduction, and dissemination of any illegal information or infringe on the rights and interests of others, which disrupts social order and disrupts social stability. It is not allowed to use this website and/or any content it contains for any illegal or prohibited purpose, and It is not allowed to use this website and/or any content it contains for any illegal purpose, It is also prohibited to instigate any illegal activities or other activities that infringe on the rights of Accela or others. Accela has the right to take legal and fair remedies for any violation of this statement.

2. Copyright and Trademark Declaration

Unless otherwise stated, Accela owns copyright or license based use of all documents and information contained in this website ("website information", including but not limited to text, pictures, charts, interfaces, program codes, documents, designs, data, web pages and links), which is under legal protection of copyright in the the People's Republic of China ("China") and other countries and regions. Without the prior written permission of Accela or other rights holders, no individual, institution or organization shall copy, modify, translate, distribute, reprint, play, connect or transmit any website information wholly or partly through a hyperlink, store it in an information retrieval system, or use it for any commercial purpose. All trademarks (including trademarks, logos, and service marks) used and displayed on the website are registered or licensed trademarks of Accela in China and other countries and regions. Any content contained on the website shall not be deemed to grant you any license or right, express or implied, to use any of the aforementioned trademarks, logos, service marks or similar trademarks, logos, service marks.

If you think that the information on this website infringes on your legitimate rights and interests or the legitimate rights and interests of other third parties, please contact our company immediately, and we will promptly verify and handle it. If the statement in the notice of rights is far from the truth, the submitter of the notice of rights shall bear all legal liabilities (including but not limited to various compensation, rights protection costs, etc.) caused by this. If you are unsure whether the information on this website has infringed on your legitimate rights and interests, we suggest that you first consult a professional.

3. No warranty statement

The website information contained on this website is for your reference only. Accela does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, timeliness, and reliability of the information on this website, nor is it responsible for any deviation, error, or omission of the information on this website. You are personally responsible for any decision or action you make relying on the information on this website, and Accela will not bear any direct, indirect or Punitive compensation liability.

4. Declaration of Products or Services Provided

The website information provided through this website may not be applicable to users in all countries or regions, so not all products or services mentioned on this website are provided or supplied in your country or region. Please contact Accela to confirm the product or service information concerned.

5. Third party link declaration

This website may retain links to third-party websites. Accela provision of this link is only for convenience,it doesn’t mean Accela's recognition or recommendation of the link, nor is it intended for promotional or other commercial purposes. Visiting these links will be at your own discretion, and Accela does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of any information, data, viewpoints, images, statements, or suggestions provided on these links.

6. Privacy Protection

Most of the services provided by Accela do not require any form of registration, and you do not need to provide identity information to access this website. However, some services may require you to voluntarily provide personal data, which may include information such as your name, email address, or phone number. Accela may collect and use such personal data to provide you with product services and customer support, or charge for the products and services you request, promote products and services that you may be interested in, or for other obvious purposes.

Accela will only collect your personal information with your prior consent. For the purpose of protecting the personal information collected from you by Accela, Accela will publish and update its privacy protection policy on this website from time to time.

7. Declaration of Applicable Law

Any behavior related to accessing and using this website or any disputes arising therefrom shall be governed by Chinese law.

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